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The detailed instruction is an explanation for those who intend to use the help of Trade


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27 Июн 2018
The detailed instruction is an explanation for those who intend to use the help of TradeBot.

Sequence, questions, answers, analysis.

You will find below some useful information …

Everyone says that before you invest funds in stock market by various means (by the way, we also offer you zero commission investing, that cannot be found elsewhere), it is necessary to craft a trading strategy without errors.

But you don't need it, because the TradeBot could save you some time and headaches.
To start trading by using the TradeBot it's enough to go to your personal account ( )

1. Then click on the "TradeBot" tab.

2. Enter the amount and % for the trade (it is recommended to enter from 2 to 10%)

3. After the TradeBot starts trading you can track the dynamics of the trades on the page (here you will see purchases at a cheap price and selling at a more expensive price).

We focus your attention on the fact that the interest income can be non-stop – it means you do not need to make any effort to get additional profit.

The TradeBot is an excellent alternative to a bank deposit!
We can say for sure that in either case "you break even" - even if the TradeBot buys bitcoin, and you are uncomfortable with the terms of sale, the cryptocurrency will still remain on your account!

Well-known Martingale trading strategy provides ultimate security!

How does the trading take place? TradeBot activity analysis
After the bidder (the person registered on the exchange) will buy out one application, the TradeBot will create a sale order automatically at the most gainful exchange rate.

An example would be useful.

We want to trade at a profit of 3%. If the price of bitcoin at the time of contact with the TradeBot is 4660 dollars, the TradeBot will buy 1.5% of the CURRENT price cheaper (creates a purchase bid). What happens when the application is completed? Even if the price increases, the TradeBot will buy bitcoins - for purchase, the TradeBot will put AGAIN a trade offer 1.5% more expensive than the original price - hence we get the treasured 3% of profit.

Questions and answers.
The TradeBot traded 3% - what would he do next?

The TradeBot continues to trade to bring even more profits. The TradeBot has a card up sleeve, it is an effective treatment of high volatility in the bitcoin market. When you are setting the interest rate, we recommend that you pay attention to the indicators of daily average volatility of the cryptocurrency quotes.

And if I want to pull funds?

You can do this without problems at any time.

What is an "approximate balance"?

This is the approximate residual amount of funds that is not traded by the TradeBot at a given time.

What is the total available balance?

The total balance is the total ratio of the available (indicated in the account) and the trade balance (turnover balance).

I want to cancel the TradeBot. I see 2 buttons - "finish trading and stop" and "stop now". What should I click and what are the differences?

"Finish trading and stop" - in this case the TradeBot will stop trading right after the TradeBot finishes the previously indicated trade cycle;

"Stop now" - in this case the TradeBot will cancel all applications (in case of successful purchase of bitcoin, you will have the purchased cryptocurrency on the balance, and if the purchase was not made, the system will automatically return you dollars / rubles / euro without commission);

What else can the TradeBot be useful for?
Using the functionality of the TradeBot allows you not only to earn, but also to learn trading.